Bella Trost: All about my latest competition

BWG’s founder, Bella Trost, finished her latest competition recently, the WBFF Pro World Championship in Las Vegas. This was her 12th show. She was interviewed by one of the most popular womens’ magazines in her birth country, Hungary. She talks about the show preparation process, workout and dieting and about future plans. Here is a translation of that interview.

+ Link to BWG’s YouTube channel

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Interview Of The Week with Bella Trost: Stages of a fitness journey

Bella Trost did 10 fitness/bodybuilding competitions and placed 6 times first before she set up her online magazine, Tibloom (previously BWG). The bikini model talked about her fitness journey in previous articles (articles attached) but this time she is here with a TV interview. The interview is from 2018 a few weeks after she became second on the Pure Elite Pro World Championship in the UK. YouTube link added!

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This is how it started…

I was looking for a long time what I could be the best at. Quite late but I figured out that I could be a bikini athlete world champion in 2015. Today I’m a Pro athlete in 3 federations, WBFF, Pure Elite and Miami Pro, and 4-time world champion. Now I share the first part of my fitness journey as the founder of BellWellGirl Magazine.

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