About Us

Dear Readers,

I’m Bella Trost, founder of Tibloom Magazine.

I am a former gymnast and member of the Hungarian National Team of Sports Aerobics (1999-2001) and a multiple-time world champion fitness athlete and bikini model. If you would like to know more about my competitive bikini model career, check out the links below.

I am a qualified sports, dance and yoga coach, as well as a nutritionist. I spent half my life training, working out and doing both dancing and sports professionally. When you do something professionally, you work on your craft every single day. You research, learn, study and experience how to reach your top shape & your peak performance.

I am also a journalist (I actually finished a journalism degree at university). Writing is my hobby, my passion, my therapy. Apart from publishing articles in my home country for over 20 years, I’ve always wanted to write books and have my own magazine. I just never had the time to sit down and do it until Covid slowed down the whole world in 2020. The quarantine gave me calm days when I had nothing else to do but the things I never really had time for before.

That’s when I started my first online magazine, BellWellGirl. I loved my magazine; it connected me to incredible people, and creating content and editing day and night gave me purpose and excitement during the lockdown. Creating BWG for over a year and a half helped me understand what it means to run a magazine, and it helped to clarify what I want to communicate through my work. It was a long learning process to shape the magazine’s content and move things in a new direction until it became clear that I have to leave my beloved BellWellGirl behind and start a new, rebranded project. That’s how Tibloom was born!

Tibloom is a new opportunity and certainly a new challenge but I will try my best to “Thrive.Inspire.Bloom.” That is not just the slogan but the purpose of this new magazine.

I hope you will love it, I’m excited and I hope you are too!