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I won my first bikini model world championship in 2015. It was my hardest earned win ever. I suffered so much I honestly couldn’t imagine not winning. I admit the preparation was torture but it taught me if I could win that trophy, I can win anything else in life.

Article by Bella Trost – WBFF, Pure Elite and Miami Pro World Champion, Pro athlete and the founder of Tibloom.

I gave my first Pro athlete interview to the federation’s magazine, the Miami Pro Mag. 5 years later I’m sharing this interview here in BellWellGlobe (the magazine before Tibloom was born), my own wellness magazine. It was the start of a long, bumpy ride with lots of physical and emotional up and downs. Here it is:

When I was at school I knew that just being a student was not enough for me: I aimed much higher. As a little girl my dream was to be a rhythmic gymnastics champion. I spent years in training but I was never selected to be a professional. Later I wanted to be a prima ballerina and I practiced 4-5 hours a day. I took a job as an extra at the Opera House to learn all the ballet shows but I had no chance: I was over the age limit. As an adult I’ve always said. “There is no way I was born to just pay bills and die. I want more than that”.

One day I went with my friend who was doing an interview with a sports aerobic champion. That was the first time I stepped into a gym. I saw the girls there: all of them was so fit and strong, and they were practicing their routine for a competition. Suddenly I had a dream again – I joined the following day. In my first training session I could do only one push-up but in 6 month I was on the national aerobic team I had became a national champion. I was travelling around the world and I did what I loved. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I was injured a lot, I changed coaches until I found the one who could make me the best. I had a full-time job and university besides the training. I had to stay focused from 7am thru 11pm.

When aerobics was not qualified as an Olympic sport federations began falling apart. There were no exciting competitions anymore and sponsors started to disappear. I got my qualifications as a personal trainer and I worked as an aerobic coach for a while but I’d lost my real determination – working to be a champion. I went to the UK and became a dancer. It was my new passion. I practiced and competed and came in second place at Miss Pole Dance Hungary and at the British Pole Superstar competition.

One day one of my pole friends posted beautiful fitness pics on Facebook. I contacted her and few weeks later I entered my first bikini contest. I went on a crash diet, I started to do some cardio and push ups, and decorated a bikini that I already had. I was not ready for that competition but I loved being on stage and I knew what I wanted to do again.

I decided to take it to the next level. My friend suggested that I apply to Miami Pro. I had 3 months to get ready. Was lucky enough to meet the right people who helped me with the training, diet plan, stage coaching, costume and any support I needed. And now here I am. A Miami Pro Bikini Over 35 Champion and 2nd in Bikini Short category.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I puked, I fainted, the diet and hard training really pushed me to the borderline. I didn’t cheat, not even once with the meals, my workouts, or my posing practice. The only reason I didn’t give up was the body transformation I saw in the mirror. Results kept me going. When I got my trophy my madness was justified. I learned so much during these 3 months. I started to study sports nutrition and I am so excited to improve my body, my knowledge and my career and to do more competitions.

Thank you Miami Pro!

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