Raising your vibrations with gratitude

Meditations – disciplines based on universal energy (such as reiki) – are positive mindset programs designed to raise our vibrations. There is a very simple way to do so. It is so powerful that it‘s part of every religious teaching and used with great success in psychology: gratitude.

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Why take cold showers?

Doing things that might not be entirely pleasant is hard but also the key to self-improvement, and the positive feeling that comes with the success of self-improvement. Challenging yourself with ice cold showers can be very uncomfortable, but it is a great way to build self-discipline and it also has great health benefits.

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Bella Trost: All about my latest competition

BWG’s founder, Bella Trost, finished her latest competition recently, the WBFF Pro World Championship in Las Vegas. This was her 12th show. She was interviewed by one of the most popular womens’ magazines in her birth country, Hungary. She talks about the show preparation process, workout and dieting and about future plans. Here is a translation of that interview.

+ Link to BWG’s YouTube channel

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Why do I love Plyometrics?

Plyometric training is a great workout. It should take a short time (max. 20 min), it’s high intensity, makes you sweat fast and helps to burn lots of calories. Jump training is effective but there’s a risk of injury if you execute the exercises poorly. Learn to jump! Gradually build up the intensity and volume to a higher difficulty level, higher intensity moves and more repetition.

Link to TikTok jump tutorial in the article!

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