How to write a book: Step-by-step guide by Athena Vas, the author of F*ck it

Writing a book can be an overhelming challenge, especially for new writers. Maybe we have the idea, a good story, something to say but put our thoughts in words and build them into a book is not that easy, it requires hard work and discipline. Athena Vas, the winner of The Bachelor 2020 (link bellow to Interview Of The Week with her), just published her first book, Fuc*k it. She did it, and now she gives us some practical tips how to start and how to finish a book.

I totally understand the struggle of starting a project and not finishing it. I’m a laser-focused person myself, and when I dive into a task, it’s hard to pull me away from it, even for basic needs like using the bathroom! Here’s my method for actually finishing my book and what it takes to write one:

1. Set a Deadline: Give yourself a firm deadline by which you must complete the book. Knowing that you have a specific date to meet can be a powerful motivator.

2. Block Out Time: Dedicate specific blocks of time to writing, and don’t schedule any other meetings or work during those hours. This focused time is crucial for making progress.

3. Eliminate Distractions: Turn off your phone and disconnect from social media. Creating a distraction-free environment is essential for staying on track.

4. Isolate Yourself: Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Lock yourself in that room and don’t come out until you’ve accomplished your writing goals for the day.

5. Maintain Discipline: It may sound intense, but this level of discipline has helped me complete not only my book but also every screenplay I’ve ever written. It’s all about staying committed to the task at hand.

Athena also shares her daily routine which can be also useful breakdown if you find challenging to schedule your day effectively:

In addition to working on writting project, it’s crucial for me to strike a professional balance that supports my growth. This means not only dedicating time to complete my projects, like my book, but also actively engaging with the world and connecting with like-minded individuals. I find value in networking, attending events, and collaborating with people who share similar goals. Being around those who have achieved what I aspire to keeps me motivated and offers valuable learning experiences. I’m a firm believer in the power of knowledge, so I’m always eager to learn more.

Aside from my passion for music, you’ll often catch me diving into podcasts, YouTube videos, or any content that broadens my understanding of various subjects. This curiosity is a driving force behind my personal and professional growth. Moreover, I’ve noticed that my creative ideas flow more naturally when I’m in the company of other creative minds. Interacting with fellow creatives not only inspires me but also brings forth innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that enrich my work. It’s a dynamic synergy that fuels my creativity and plays a significant role in my overall success.

My daily routine is a dynamic blend of activities that help me stay productive, creative, and focused on my goals. Here’s a glimpse into my typical day:

1. Morning Routine: I start my day early, usually with some light stretching or yoga to wake up my body and mind. Meditation and deep breathing exercises help me set a positive tone for the day and promote mental clarity.

2. Work: I dedicate focused blocks of time to my various projects, whether it’s writing, podcasting, or managing my social media. Prioritizing tasks and setting clear goals for the day helps me stay on track.

3. Creative Breaks: Throughout the day, I take short breaks to recharge. Sometimes, I engage in creative activities like sketching or brainstorming new ideas to keep my creativity flowing.

4. Networking and Collaboration: I make an effort to connect with peers and collaborators in my industry, either through virtual meetings or attending events. Collaborative projects and discussions with like-minded individuals are essential for my personal and professional growth.

5. Absorbing knowledge: I’m an avid learner, so I often spend time reading, watching educational content, or listening to podcasts to expand my knowledge.

6. Fitness and Self-Care: Incorporating regular workouts into my routine is crucial for my physical and mental well-being. Self-care activities, like practicing gratitude or journaling, help me stay grounded and focused.

7. Evening Wind-Down: As the day winds down, I aim to disconnect from work-related tasks and spend quality time with loved ones or engage in leisure activities. I prioritize getting a good night’s sleep to ensure I’m well-rested for the next day.

Read the Interview of The Week with Athena here:

If you’d like to buy Athena’s book you can do so here:

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