Raising your vibrations with gratitude

Meditations – disciplines based on universal energy (such as reiki) – are positive mindset programs designed to raise our vibrations. There is a very simple way to do so. It is so powerful that it‘s part of every religious teaching and used with great success in psychology: gratitude.

Paying attention to what we already have and saying thank you for it may immediately raise our vibrations.

Often we take things for granted: that fragrant latte in the morning, nice phone conversations with friends, the fresh air during that afternoon walk, the car (old or new) that takes us everywhere we need to go…

The more you start thinking about the things that make your life easier and more pleasant, the happier you may feel.

Spend time actively noticing the enjoyable, good things during the day and say thank you.

Or if you want to go deeper make a good old-fashioned gratefulness list.

1. Get a notebook or a piece of paper and write down at least 10 things you are grateful for. You might find that it is really hard to stop once you start. (You can use your phone but actually writing things down is more powerful.)

2. Spend some time just thinking about all the things you wrote down.

3. Say thank you to the universe.

4. Listen inside and sense how you feel now.

Once you practice this you will start your days with a little more awareness:

Do you have the opportunity to go shopping, listen to some good music or watch an interesting movie? That is great, say thank you. Just pay attention to everything positive that is happening to you.

It may even seem like you are overdoing it at some point. That just means you have plenty of good things to be grateful for and realizing that is not a bad thing!

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