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Interview Of The Week with Brian Coones: The yogi nomad

Yoga literally has saved his life in many ways and helped to manage his traumatic experiences from his teenage years and serving the US army during the war in Iraq. Now his mission to inspire others to overcome their obstacles and trauma, so they can live a wholehearted life filled with compassion. Brian Cooner shares his story with Tibloom and tells what he does to the world.

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Interview Of The Week with Bella Trost: Stages of a fitness journey

Bella Trost did 10 fitness/bodybuilding competitions and placed 6 times first before she set up her online magazine, Tibloom (previously BWG). The bikini model talked about her fitness journey in previous articles (articles attached) but this time she is here with a TV interview. The interview is from 2018 a few weeks after she became second on the Pure Elite Pro World Championship in the UK. YouTube link added!

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Interview Of The Week with Katie Beecher: Soul inspired healing

Katie Beecher is a medical & life intuitive, a medium who helped thousands of people with almost every sort of issue – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some of her clients are very sick, some of them are healthy and just want to know more about connecting to intuition, growing their spiritual abilities or being healthier in general. Either way, Katie is here to help.

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