healthy eating

Understanding the benefits of supplements

Supplements cannot make up the deficit created by poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, lifestyle stress, substance abuse or ineffective training. They are there to optimize and improve, not to create results on their own. A comprehensive guide to how to pick the right supplements.

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How much coffee is too much?

If you’re assuming that you drink too much coffee then you probably do. But rather than wondering if the amount of coffee you drink is too much or harmful, ask why you’re drinking so much coffee and how it makes you feel.

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Eating a balanced diet

Simple tips on building a balanced diet and a related article about how to build healthy grocery shopping habits. Once you have applied these changes, you can go into more detail to optimize your diet.

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Super food vs regular food

What is more important, to eat all the heathy “superfoods” or to pay attention to what food makes you feel good and what doesn’t? Selver Ahmed, fitness athlete and coach, gives her answers

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