How much coffee is too much?

There are multiple studies about how much daily caffeine is safe. But rather than wondering if the amount of coffee you drink is too much or harmful, ask why you’re drinking so much coffee and how it makes you feel.

Coffee or caffeine consumption is generally done for the following reasons:

– You like the taste and/or the socializing experience that might come with it. This is probably something you shouldn’t really worry about because it is usually not more than one cup a day and probably not every day

– You want an extra kick and feel more energized than usual

– You’re tired and you want to feel normal.

These reasons all sound fine. The problem starts when

– you start experiencing sleeping problems

– you work too much, exercise too much or do any activity that starts to feel like you’re overdoing it

– you’re not eating enough

– you start to experience nervousness, anxiety, nausea, increased heart beat

– or all of the above.

If you notice any of these symptoms then you should watch your caffeine intake because you’re probably doing something that effects your health negatively.

Instead of Googling data on the safe amount of daily caffeine (although searching for information is never a bad thing) try to figure out what could make you feel better and make you work more efficiently. If you’re assuming that you drink too much coffee then you probably do. You already feel that it’s not good for you. Cut your coffee portions and see how your body reacts. Maybe pay attention to the hour when you drink the last cup. Caffeine affects the body for 5-6 hours so if you have problems sleeping make sure you drink your last coffee at least 6 hours before your planned bedtime.

Watching your body’s reaction is a simple thing but it might be the most effective way to find the answer to how much caffeine is too much for YOU. Remember there is no one right way in nutrition.

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