Interview Of The Week with Max Ryan: A British actor in Hollywood

He was the the Danish architect, Rikard, from Sex and the City 2. You know… he was the perfect match for Samantha… (in the bedroom). Max Ryan melted women’s hearts all over the world with the sexy role when the movie came out in 2010. 10 years later BWG interviews the British actor about his life, his career and his projects. This is a very special Christmas issue. Please welcome Mr Max Ryan!

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This is how it started…

I was looking for a long time what I could be the best at. Quite late but I figured out that I could be a bikini athlete world champion in 2015. Today I’m a Pro athlete in 3 federations, WBFF, Pure Elite and Miami Pro, and 4-time world champion. Now I share the first part of my fitness journey as the founder of BellWellGirl Magazine.

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