Raising your vibrations with gratitude

Meditations – disciplines based on universal energy (such as reiki) – are positive mindset programs designed to raise our vibrations. There is a very simple way to do so. It is so powerful that it‘s part of every religious teaching and used with great success in psychology: gratitude.

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How to get a better night’s sleep

The quality of your sleep affects your mental and physical health, your energy levels and productivity, your emotional balance and even your weight. The lockdown lifestyle continues as people stay at home a lot more than usual and might find it hard to sleep well through the night. Here are a few tips how to relax if you struggle to fall asleep.

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Do 30-day challenges work?

30-day challenge fitness programs are very popular right now. Many of them promise body transformation and a better life. But do they really work? The answer is yes and no. It is more likely to be a yes if you approach the challenge right.

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Never underestimate self criticism!

Today it seems like any kind of self criticism is considered a bad thing. But is well-intentioned self criticism always self destructive? It is great if you are happy with your progress and proud of where you are BUT at the same time wouldn’t it be useful to be more objective and self aware?

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Eat the frog first!

Having a to-do list and organizing your days into 1-2-hour blocks may help with spending your day efficiently because you will know what needs to be done by when. But there is one more thing to add: Do the thing you are least looking forward to first!

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