Interview Of The Week with Athena Vas: She says F*ck it

She won The Bachelor in 2020. Although, the TV show didn’t lead to lasting love, it revealed a new purpose in her life – to become a source of inspiration and support for people who are seeking positive change and personal growth. Athena Vas talks about her special journey, her life philosophy, her new book and her podcast.

Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m a Greek American, born and raised in New York, and currently, In addition to podcasting, I’m a published author and an actress. My background also includes education, with expertise in Mathematics and Special Education.

Most people know you from The Bachelor. The TV program that has changed your life. Why did you enter the show? What were you expecting?

It is a funny story how I ended up on the show. I actually got scouted as I was walking on Rodeo Drive. I was asked if I was single and interested in being on the show. While I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and went into “The Bachelor” with the sincere hope of finding true love, I didn’t set out with the expectation of winning. Life has a way of unfolding in unexpected ways, and I believe everything happens for a reason. Although my journey on the show didn’t lead to lasting love, I am incredibly grateful for the support and love from the viewers who cheered me on in my quest to find a life partner.

While my path to love may not have been straightforward, I maintain my optimism and faith that the right person and the right moment will come into my life. Sharing this beautiful journey with a special someone has always been my dream because, as they say, having all the riches in the world means little without someone to share it with. I share the belief that there are no coincidences, and my encounter with the host of “The Bachelor” on Rodeo Drive was a sign that led me to this unique path in my life. 

Apart from a chance to find love, did you think about that the TV show also as a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the world, and build a career and/or a different life style?

Participating in a TV show wasn’t just an enjoyable experience; it held a significant and meaningful place in my life. While I recognize that some individuals may see it as a platform to launch new ventures or lifestyles, my motivations have always been sincere and true. I take immense pride in staying true to myself and have no inclination to resort to gimmicks or tactics for quick fame. I already had an established a substantial online presence with an audience of over 350,000 before I joined the show. My decision to be part of the show was grounded in my genuine desire to find love and share that journey with my existing supporters. While the show did introduce me to a wider audience, my primary focus has always been on seeking a meaningful and lasting connection with someone special. If the opportunity were to arise, I would gladly pursue that path again, the show brought together individuals I would have never met otherwise, expanding my horizons and enriching my life in unexpected ways.

You won the show. What did happen after?

I started a journey into writing, both screenplays and books, a few years ago, but it took some time for me to fully commit to it. What really ignited my passion for writing was hearing Sylvester Stallone’s inspiring story of how he created his own script and brought “Rocky” to life. His determination and self-belief motivated me to start penning my own stories. As I delved deeper into writing, I began to craft books. It became apparent that almost every day, while I was out and about, I unintentionally motivated someone for their future, offering words of encouragement and positivity. I often found myself thanked for helping individuals see things from a more optimistic perspective, and I was even told by fans from my time on “The Bachelor” that I had motivated them. That feedback led me to think about how I could reach and inspire even more people by consolidating my knowledge and positive motivation into a book. The idea of helping others on a larger scale became a driving force behind my writing journey.

and your first book F*ck it has gotten published. Tell us about your book!

My book “F*ck It” has a powerful message centered around turning negative experiences into blessings and embracing personal growth while learning not to care what anyone thinks of you. Unlike many self-help books that primarily focus on motivation, my journey into reading and self-discovery began during my time on “The Bachelor.” I was practically begging for a book to read and ended up devouring 10 books in just 21 days. What struck me was that many of these books seemed like clones of each other. They provided motivation, but they left me wondering, “Okay, I’m motivated, now what? How do I actually make positive changes in my life?” That realization inspired me to write a book that not only motivates but also provides readers with the “how.” In “F*ck It,” I show people how to break free from relationships that no longer serve them, discover their true passions, and develop good habits. I offer practical exercises to help build confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, I guide readers on how to muster the courage to quit a job they hate and pursue their dreams. The book is a guide that aims to be a supportive companion for individuals seeking tangible steps to transform their lives. It’s about taking control and making positive changes, refusing to settle for mediocrity, and recognizing that there’s a way forward even when life throws challenges your way.

There is plenty of motivational content out there, including books, tapes, and videos, aimed at helping women live their best lives, navigate relationships, and achieve success. What does really set your book different?

The book is no-nonsense approach and its focus on providing not just motivation but also practical guidance. Here’s what makes my book stand out:

1. Actionable Steps: “F*ck It” doesn’t just motivate; it offers readers concrete, actionable steps to take charge of their lives. It’s not about vague advice but about showing readers how to make real changes.

2. Personal Experience: I draw from my own life experiences and challenges to connect with readers on a personal level. I’ve faced setbacks, made tough decisions, and pursued my dreams, and I share those experiences to inspire and guide others.

3. Relatable Tone: My writing style is relatable and down-to-earth. I speak directly to readers in a conversational manner, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply in everyday life.

4. Empowerment and Self-Worth: “F*ck It” is all about empowering individuals to recognize their worth and stop settling for mediocrity. It encourages readers to embrace confidence and build their dream lives on their terms. 5. Practical Exercises: The book includes practical exercises and activities that apart is its allow readers to actively engage with the material, helping them form good habits, boost self-esteem, and take concrete steps towards their goals.

6. A Comprehensive Approach: “F*ck It” covers a wide range of life aspects, from pursuing dreams and financial growth to dealing with breakups and grief. It’s a holistic guide to personal transformation. In essence, my book is different because it doesn’t just provide motivation; it equips readers with the tools and strategies they need to make positive changes in their lives. It’s a relatable, and empowering resource for individuals who are ready to take control of their destinies and refuse to settle for anything less than what they deserve.

You also have a podcast. You’ve started it with very similar motivational and helping purpose like you started to write your book with. Tell us about podcast.

I host my own podcast show, “The Athena Vas Show,” in Hollywood. This podcast is all about helping people recognize their self-worth and pushing them to stop settling for mediocrity. My approach to interviewing guests is more like having a friendly conversation rather than a formal interview. I focus on discussing their journey, including how they overcame naysayers and obstacles. My aim is to inspire our audience to chase their dreams regardless of others’ opinions.

My message to the world is one of empowerment, self-belief, and resilience. I want people to recognize their inherent potential and to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Life is too short to be held back by the opinions of others or by self-doubt. My goal is to inspire individuals to take charge of their lives, break free from limiting beliefs, and go after everything they desire. I believe that everyone has a unique journey to follow, and I want to help people find the courage to do what they love with determination.

Good luck from Tibloom with your book and with your podcast, Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

Ultimately, I want to be a source of inspiration and support for those seeking positive change and personal growth. My mission is to encourage people to say “F*ck it” to anything that holds them back and to live life on their terms, unapologetically and authentically.

Keep following me on social media to be the first to find out what I’m doing next. I’m always full of surprises.

There’s a story behind the promotional photos for the book in my social media is all about capturing the essence of the “who gives a f*ck what anyone thinks” mindset. The goal was to create captivating visuals that convey this powerful message. In the photos, I am seen in a luxurious mansion, exuding an air of confidence and carefree attitude. I am depicted as someone who has developed the “f*ck it” mentality, meaning that setbacks and challenges won’t break me; instead, they are seen as blessings in disguise. One of the key elements in these photos is the representation of freedom and support for the country I was born in, which is conveyed through the presence of the American flag. Additionally, the images intentionally give the illusion that I am wearing no top while relaxing alone in a pool, further emphasizing the idea of being unapologetically oneself and not caring about societal norms or judgments. The cigar in these promotional photos adds a unique vibe to the visuals, even though I don’t actually smoke myself. During the photo shoot, I had my assistant take a few puffs in between takes to create that classic, carefree ambiance associated with the “who gives a f*ck what anyone thinks” mindset. It’s all about capturing the essence of relaxation, confidence, and embracing life’s blessings without being confined by societal norms or expectations. It’s all about embracing life with a fearless and empowered perspective.

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