Interview Of The Week with Che Bollinger: It’s all about art and our soul

Che Bollinger tells us how she became an artist and how you could become one. An eye-opening interview about the healing power of art and self-expression.

Where are you from and what you do?

I grew up in Sedona, Arizona. New York and Los Angeles are my second homes and cities I love. Currently, I live and work in LA as an Artist, Designer, and Creative Producer between the fashion, art and entertainment industries. My focus is design, art direction, content and event production, and brand consultation.

How you became an Artist?

I come from an artistic family. I learned to be fearless when trying new ideas from my father. He taught me to do anything you need to think without limitation. To push through doubt to make what needs to be made. Ideation is everything. I’m always working to inspire and be inspired. I started to work professionally as a fashion designer out of college and continued to make my work. Coming from this background gave me confidence to take a creative career seriously.

Your are also a dancer.

My work is very body/human focused no matter the medium. It was a natural progression to begin integrating dance and movement.

What would be your advice to a person who wants to start to do arts?

Just get up and move! No permission needed. No training needed. Dance is an incredibly healing art form. Our bodies are built for movement and it can be the most delightful form of play. I believe life is art and we all need to exercise our creativity every day. There is no better way to release emotions trapped in our body’s cellular memory. Art is how we heal from life’s trauma.

You have what it takes already, it’s inside you. Make art like a child playing without inhibitions. Who cares if people will like it. Ask yourself, am I having fun? Do I like it? A college degree doesn’t make you a good artist.

If you’re serious about a creative career take some business classes. You can do this online to learn how to set up your business, make sales, and take it to the next level. You won’t learn anything about business in art schools.

Photo by Petros Toufexis
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