Cleansing scrubbers are my new must-have beauty tools

I bought a face scrubber and it has blown my mind. The little silicone pad makes my skin look radiant and smooth. Great results for an investment of only a few bucks.

Article by Bella Trost

Facial brushes have been on the market for a while but I’ve never thought I needed them. I don’t have visible pores or blackheads and I am blessed with smooth skin. However, posting BWG Beauty Visions articles has made me realize that I should exfoliate and polish my skin more often, 1-2 times a week, especially if using makeup regularly.

I have sensitive skin so I was looking for a tool that my skin can handle. That’s how I found my deep cleansing silicone pads in one of the off-price stores. They cost less than $4 so why not try them?

The design is great:

The pads have handles that go between the fingers so it is easy to hold them and move them around the face. Even when the silicone is wet the pads don’t slip.

The pads are made from food grade silicone material, so they are super soft yet durable

Easy to use:

I remove my makeup and clean my face with toner before using the cleansing pad. Then I apply a small amount of facial cleanser and water to the pad and I start to gently massage my face in a circular motion. If the massage doesn’t feel gentle enough I add more product and/or water until it feels right and I make sure to use a light hand. Also, I don’t use the pad on my face too long, half a minute seems enough to me.

I use the Gentle Face Exfoliator from Liz Earle (my absolute favorite skincare brand from the UK) that helps to buff away dead skin cells.

I do this 1-2 times week usually when I’m showering. I clean the pad after each use with warm water and soap (the shower is the perfect place to do this) preventing bacteria from building up.

And the results…:

Seriously amazing! I read that improvement becomes visible on the skin after 2-3 weeks of use. My skin was glowing after the first use! I’ve been using my face exfoliator for a while but it seems like using it with the pad really makes a difference. My complexion looks renewed and so fresh.

I also learned that serums and moisturizers absorb better after exfoliating this way and I can really see that makeup applies better on my regularly exfoliated skin.

Last but not least these pads are inexpensive. I love the ones I bought in the off-price store as they are good quality from a good brand. I checked online and it seems they’re more expensive, so if you want to save a few bucks just browse department stores for a good deal.

Thumbnail image source is Google. 

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