Interview Of The Week with Mariano Mendoza: An incredible journey

Mariano ‘BigDawg’ Mendoza’s extraordinary life is an inspiration to millions around the world. He escaped the trauma of a nightmarish childhood and moved toward sports. Today he is the world’s strongest Latino, a world champion fighter, video game character and a Hollywood legend who has featured in over 160 movies and TV shows. He discusses the rocky path to success and talks about what you need to survive and succeed.

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Interview Of The Week with Max Ryan: A British actor in Hollywood

He was the the Danish architect, Rikard, from Sex and the City 2. You know… he was the perfect match for Samantha… (in the bedroom). Max Ryan melted women’s hearts all over the world with the sexy role when the movie came out in 2010. 10 years later BWG interviews the British actor about his life, his career and his projects. This is a very special Christmas issue. Please welcome Mr Max Ryan!

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Interview Of The Week with Austin Corini: A star was born on YouTube

Austin Corini’s career started on YouTube, where he shared songs and music videos which lead him to X Factor USA in 2012. BWG interviewed him after his amazing Thanksgiving Zoom performance in Los Angeles, watched by tens of thousands of his fans. Austin talks about his path as a professional singer, his faith and about the challenging times of Covid.

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Interview Of The Week with Davis MacDonald: A mystery novel author and so much more

Davis MacDonald is a yachtsman, a watercolor portrait artist, a mystery novel author, a world traveler (he travelled around the world seven times), a busy attorney and, last but not least, the father of 7 children. Quite a lot to talk about but he is here with BWG today as an author. He shares details about his new mystery novel, The Cruise, and gives tips how to write fiction and get over writer’s block.

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