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Interview Of The Week with Alexander ‘Suave’ Olave: Fight Game

An obese teenager wants to lose weight so he starts boxing. His weight loss journey leads him to become a professional fighter and the journey of a fighter leads him to become an entrepreneur with a 7-figure business. Alexander Olave tells his story: how an obese boy became a world champion and how a homeless world champion became a millionaire.

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Interview Of The Week with Mariano Mendoza: An incredible journey

Mariano ‘BigDawg’ Mendoza’s extraordinary life is an inspiration to millions around the world. He escaped the trauma of a nightmarish childhood and moved toward sports. Today he is the world’s strongest Latino, a world champion fighter, video game character and a Hollywood legend who has featured in over 160 movies and TV shows. He discusses the rocky path to success and talks about what you need to survive and succeed.

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