How to avoid gaining weight over Christmas time

Even if December this year is slower than usual due to Covid, it still might be challenging to stay in shape during the festive season. Bella Trost, world champion bikini model, shares her diet and training tips how to handle the Christmas season meanwhile enjoying all the celebrations.

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The pleasure of weight loss

If someone is overweight, when they lose fat they should (and typically do) feel significantly better even during the process. So where do all those negative effects (hunger, low energy, poor mood, etc.) we always hear about come from?

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Eating a balanced diet

Simple tips on building a balanced diet and a related article about how to build healthy grocery shopping habits. Once you have applied these changes, you can go into more detail to optimize your diet.

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Super food vs regular food

What is more important, to eat all the heathy “superfoods” or to pay attention to what food makes you feel good and what doesn’t? Selver Ahmed, fitness athlete and coach, gives her answers

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