What are you working on?

What are you currently working on that brings you joy? … One of the teachers at my former nutrition school, the BTN Academy, asked this question in his newsletter and it made me stop for a second.

I was able to answer pretty quickly and it turns out I should be very happy about that. The question was originally asked as part of a survey at a shopping mall, pre-lockdown, and my teacher learned that most people didn’t have an answer. They couldn’t name one thing in their lives that they were working on just for the pleasure of it.

Time goes by with everyday tasks that need to be done but if you don’t do something that is really meaningful to you, the days can lack purpose. Engagement in things that have intrinsic value is part of maintaining good mental health.

Most people don’t have a dream job and life is never ideal but as humans we possess a powerful quality: we are able to find some kind of pleasure and happiness in almost everything. We are able to adapt to and accept our circumstances. However this is not the same as when you find something that truly brings you joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s gardening, or homebrewing beer, or yoga so you can reach your toes… it is important to devote some time to these personal pursuits. Things that might not be important to anyone else might be essential to you because you do something that makes you feel productive, empowered or accomplished; like you can achieve a goal – however minor it may seem – and you are able to succeed. Success is a great feeling! It is joy. It makes us happier, more confident and more positive. Success affects every aspect of our lives. Do you agree?

So what would be your answer? What are you currently working on that brings you joy?

And if you don’t have an answer, think and figure out what it could be.

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