Interview of the Week with Paul Albert: We can all feel good

Paul Albert is a Paris-born, LA-based energy healer. He indeed has magical energy – I have experienced it myself. He talks about how he has discovered universal energy, how he is helping people with it, and gives some insight into the lifestyle and responsibilities of an energy healer.  

Where are you from and what do you do?
I’m from Paris, and I am an energy healer. By holding people’s hand I can tell a lot of different things about their emotions, chakras, pain, trauma, etc. People like talking to me and telling me things I didn’t even ask about. And I love listening. It allows me to understand their problems and see what they need help with. I would say what I do is to help people feel better.

Why energy healing?

A couple of years ago I lived in Shanghai. At that time I wasn’t aware of the invisible world of energy around us but for some reason I started to be attracted to all the temples I passed by. I tried to visit as many holy places as I could. In those places I had the chance to meet and exchange thoughts with the monks. Some of them didn’t speak English, and some of them didn’t speak at all. So the only way to learn about these incredible humans was to focus and feel what they wanted to share with me. That was my awakening. I started to meditate and it opened my mind to the world around me. I have become more focused and I started to better understand not only other people but myself, too.

When I left China and went back to Paris I knew my life was in transition. At the time I had a girlfriend, Iris. She was not into spirituality or energy at all – she was like me a year before that. Iris used to get a lot of headaches. Once I was reading a book about energy healing she was sitting next to me. I had to try! I was curious if I was capable of healing someone before I finished the book. I was a bit skeptical but I took my chance. I placed my hand close to her head without explaining what I was doing. After a few seconds she described exactly the same sensation that I was reading about in the book! And guess what? A few minutes later her headache was gone.

She was the first person who I tried energy healing on. After that, every time she felt bad I tried my best to help her. Then I did it with my friends, my family and then anyone else who needed help…

So what has energy healing become for you…

Healing people is my purpose, I feel that is the reason why I am on Earth. I love people in general, and I feel that every single person I meet presents an opportunity to share and exchange love. I see myself in other people. Every time someone shares his/her problem, I know that I’ve been in the same situation before or it could be me. So I want to help to make people feel as good as I feel today. We can all feel good, and I wish for every soul to be as happy as I am today. Sharing love is what keeps me going and gets me out of bed in the morning.

Healing people is not just important to me, it is vital! I have so much love and light in me that I need to share, otherwise I would explode…

Do you think you have been chosen for this?

Energy healing is a gift for me. I have never trained to have this power. The universe decided to give me this present, and I feel that it is my duty now to help people with it.

Don’t get me wrong, you can also train and start to feel energy, and develop your power. Energy healing is like a martial art, you have to be dedicated to your art and follow the way of your art.

The healthier you become, the more you will be able to help people heal. When people come to me, they trust me because they feel that I am healthy so they want to know how they can achieve it. I do not consider myself a role model of a healthy lifestyle but I feel that I do what it takes to stay in good condition for helping people.

People open up to you, trust in you even without knowing you. It is an amazing thing but also a big responsibility…

First of all when you are healing you need to be in good condition, and you need to be prepared. Your body, your mind and soul need to be in alignment. You cannot heal someone if you need to be healed yourself at the same time. So heal yourself, open your eyes, and listen to your intuition. If you cannot do it by yourself, maybe find a mentor.

You need to listen to yourself and feel whether you can or cannot heal someone today. There is no shame in having days off as long as you are sincere. You cannot force yourself otherwise you risk transmitting what is wrong in you to someone else!

So in order to be able to help you really have to work on yourself every day.

I do have to make sure that I am fully healed before I start any session to avoid exposing others to any kind of negativity. I always meditate to scan myself before a session to be sure that everything is alright with me. If I feel anything unusual, I heal myself first, and if I have any doubt I ask another healer to help me.

What is your daily routine to keep your mind, your body and your soul clean and filled with positive energy?

I always start my day with meditation. It can be different types of meditation: healing, visualization, listening to my spiritual guide. But training my mind wouldn’t be enough. I work out a lot to keep my body in good shape, too.

I also love cooking (I know, French cliché… :). I eat as healthy as I can.

The last part of my routine is to read at least a few pages of a self development book. One of my favorite books and I highly recommend it to anyone, is ‘Think Like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty.

Is this a daily routine? I would say yes, but I don’t do everything in the same order in that hour. Being an energy healer also means being devoted to the people who need you, so my ‘working hours’ can change every day. And that is all well, as long as I do my best to reach my daily goals.

How has energy healing changed you mentally, physically, spiritually?

Energy healing has helped me to understand the world and people in general. You have to listen to and understand people to heal them. You need to find what you can do to heal them.

I am also much calmer than I used to be. Healing helps me turn off my ego and accept that nobody is perfect, and it is okay to not be perfect!

Also, I wouldn’t say that I have more energy but I use my energy differently and more efficiently, and it allows me to go deeper in my training and my workouts.

What is the best and the hardest thing about being an energy healer?

What I enjoy the most is meeting new people every day. I learn from every single person I meet, and I do my best to give something back to them. Most of the time we create a good connection and we stay in touch.

The hardest thing, which is also one of my favorite things, is changing people’s opinion when they don’t believe in what I do, because I believe that they are the people who need to be helped the most. This is a part of my mission that I enjoy but at the same time, it is the most challenging.

Energy healing is getting more and more popular these days. Why is that? Are people more aware of their problems or maybe people have more problems than before? Or is energy healing simply a more accepted way to deal with problems than before?

I feel there are more people depressed than before, and there are also more people who think that taking pills is maybe not the best solution… so they give something more natural a chance. We all have an incredibly strong power inside us waiting to be awakened, and once you become aware of it, you have taken the biggest step before starting to use it.

When you understand how powerful you are, how could you not share this knowledge with at least a few people around you? It is so exciting! We are all spreading our thoughts and words and it helps to make understanding our energy more simple and less mystical. If you think about it, there is nothing older than pure energy, energy is what everything is made of.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to start energy healing?

My best advice is to take your time. Trust in your intuition and let the universe help you. Feel your inner world. Do not compare yourself to others, everything happens in time.

This interview is a message itself but could you put your message to the world into a few words?

Dear world, thank you for what you have to offer. But also excuse us for our mistakes. We still have a lot to learn. I believe that our ancestors used to know more than us and we could have been so much more connected to you but I stay positive that we will reconnect to our true nature again.

With all that said my goal is to share love and knowledge with as many people as I can. I hope that they will share it too to spread love on earth.

What are your plans for the future?

Maybe you should ask what the future has planned for me!
I like focusing on the present because this is where I live, every day is a gift and we need to stay present to enjoy this gift at its true value.

Thank you Paul for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. 

You can find Paul on Instagram @paulspendulum

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