Dating apps vs matchmaker services: Where to find true love?

Online dating has been extremely popular since 2012 when location based dating apps and social discovery applications were launched. Since March, due to Covid, possibilities to meet others in public places have become very limited which has made online dating bigger than ever.

In 1995 the first dating website was launched. Today there are over 1500 dating apps with millions of users. According to eHarmony’s data 40% of Americans use online dating and according to another survey 54% of American couples met through dating sites.

These are encouraging statistics but what does a professional matchmaker think about the reality of the modern dating scene? We asked Faith Bulsby, from Matchmaker.usa (one of the most well-known global matchmakers) what are the current tendencies and why she believes hiring a matchmaker might be more effective than using dating apps.

“Since March there’s been an 80% increase in online dating app users. There are more users on dating apps now than ever before which increases the likelihood that they will not work. More people than ever are reaching out to professional matchmakers for their dating future. It’s safer and has a higher success rate than wasting time using a dating app”.

Faith says dating apps make creating a profile quick and way too easy. “There is a lack of investment from the users in showing that they even want a relationship. They can create a profile in 2 minutes and begin swiping. There is a higher chance of dishonesty. Something like 50% of dating app users are not even single.

Not only that, but many beautiful women come to me and say they are overwhelmed and inundated with messages, that they can’t even get around to seeing all their messages and they give up.”

Although some dating sites are more serious than others about helping their users find real relationships, the problem with dating apps is that no one gets vetted. Faith says using a matchmaker instead is reassuring. Well-established matchmaking firms only work with singles who are looking for long-lasting companionship and who do everything in their ability to increase their chances of finding love.

“We do high end quality matches for long-term committed relationships. We take both male and female paying members. Memberships are highly sought after for busy professionals and those with the resources to hire a matchmaker”.

Matchmaking firms may provide a more reliable service than dating apps but they also have a higher price tag. Their costly fees serve to filter their users. Hiring a matchmaker is usually not a cheap investment so it is probable that someone who decides to pay is serious about finding a partner.

Once you sign up to a matchmaking firm, apart from paying the fee and passing the interview process, the company gives you clarity on who is most compatible with you. It might not be what you dream about but it is realistic. According to your criteria and the other person’s, they introduce you to singles who you normally wouldn’t get the chance to meet in your everyday life.

“We are connecting people who may not have ever been able to meet otherwise” – says Faith. “It is a joy and the reward of connecting couples who end up happy is priceless. With a supportive partner, we can accomplish more goals and potentially build our dreams. When we have a support system, such as a husband or wife, we are more likely to accomplish what we set out to do in this life, ultimately making the world a better place.”

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