Any exercise is better than none

Usually it is much more fun and motivating to go work out or attend a class at the gym than do an online session at home. It is easier to focus on the training when you are in a space designed for the workout and where you go specifically to exercise. Everybody is doing the same thing, there are no distractions (even if you socialize a bit you’re still there to work out), and there’s a time frame that should be enough to complete a session.

Article by Bella Trost

But sometimes, especially when Covid-19 stops the world, there’s no opportunity to go. And when that’s the case it is so important to keep up with your work out. Everybody needs it. Not just to avoid getting completely out of shape while staying at home (which usually means more eating and less calorie burning activities), but to maintain a routine in your life and to have something to achieve every day.

After spending two decades as a professional sportswoman I know that motivation is not always there. You get bored with routine, you lose interest, other things become more important…. sometimes you just have that “What if I don’t exercise or do anything at all?” question in your head. Chilling is good and necessary but long term not doing exercise at all just doesn’t feel right.

You should push yourself to do any kind of physical activity; run, lift weights, do yoga, jump rope, do headstands – whatever you have access to and are in the mood for. Anything that you can improve yourself for yourself. If you decide to do bodyweight exercises at home (which is quite likely these days) there are plenty on the internet. Find something that suits you, doesn’t bore you and keeps you motivated. Stay motivated because when you enjoy what you do, you feel better. Don’t do it just because of some promise of a beach body in 6 weeks, muscle gain, weight loss, belly fat burn (did you know you cannot burn only belly fat?) or any other trending fitness results. In my experience achieving those goals is much more complex
than doing a 20-30 minute daily exercise. If you want results like that, it also takes a strict diet, at a ratio of diet 70%: training 30%. This is not a statement, just an opinion based on my personal fitness modelling experience. If someone says or promises something different, try it and see if it works for you. Just figure out what your goal is (even if it’s just to stay sane in quarantine) and start exercising! Any exercise it better than none!

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