Is feeling sore after a workout good?

If you train frequently and build up volume and intensity gradually you experience less soreness over time. That is not a bad thing and not a sign of ineffective training. Bella Trost, world champion bikini model, explains DOMS and gives some tips how to avoid them.

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Step count matters

Step counting devices and apps give you a piece of data. You can use that information as motivation to do more. But rather than focusing on your steps, focus on overall activity and lifestyle. Counting your steps can be a useful tool but keep your step count in context.

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The pleasure of weight loss

If someone is overweight, when they lose fat they should (and typically do) feel significantly better even during the process. So where do all those negative effects (hunger, low energy, poor mood, etc.) we always hear about come from?

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Why do I love Plyometrics?

Plyometric training is a great workout. It should take a short time (max. 20 min), it’s high intensity, makes you sweat fast and helps to burn lots of calories. Jump training is effective but there’s a risk of injury if you execute the exercises poorly. Learn to jump! Gradually build up the intensity and volume to a higher difficulty level, higher intensity moves and more repetition.

Link to TikTok jump tutorial in the article!

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