Why is Clever Nutrition clever?

When you read various nutrition related articles, tips, studies and stories you might feel confused. Some of them are interesting, seem useful and worth considering or trying. Others look like absolute statements that tell you the only way to be healthy, lose weight, gain muscle, get lean, have beautiful skin, etc.

Article by Bella Trost

There are straight forward sciences, for example chemistry, where you’re either right or wrong, but nutrition is not one of those. It has a lot of ‘it depends’ scenarios. In nutrition there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Even if a theory is tested on a group of people, supported by studies, research and experiments, we still cannot say that one conclusion will indicate the right method for everyone.

People who write books, articles or make blogs, vlogs, Instagram pages, etc., about nutrition, decide what they want to say. They search for sources that support their idea and they don’t include the ones that don’t. So, they get the conclusion they want. A vegan will use all the research that points in the direction that defends their point of view. An anti-vegan will do the same. Both of them are right. Both of them are wrong. Depends on what their idea of a healthy diet is, what their personal experience is and what they want to hear.

Nutrition is very personal. You don’t have to put yourself in a box and follow one certain direction. Do it cleverly! Listen, study, research, try things and don’t take anything for granted! And don’t blame yourself if something doesn’t work for you or you have to give up on something! What feels right today, might not feel right tomorrow. It’s okay to change, it’s okay to modify things.
Just collect all kinds of information from many angles and aspects. Have more options to choose from and learn from, so you can build your own world of Clever Nutrition. Create your own regime, set your eating habits, choose the foods that fuel you the best, follow an eating pattern, or diet if you like. As long as you find a way to feel good, you’re right.

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